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As the business world evolves, from how we run our businesses profitably to how we think and approach difficult times, so too does the role that the accountant plays within that evolution. Not so long ago, accountants were found in an office somewhere in a basement and were historians of invoices and expenses. This has changed. Through the evolution in accounting techniques and by the utilization of innovative top class software, accountants are now at the forefront of the business’ decision making processes.

NK Accounting Services have made the leap from basement historian, and are now “Evolved Accountants”. By making use of our services, it will be our pleasure to help you grow your business during the good and the bad times we face in the world of business today.

Financial Accounting

As the financial aspect of accounting is the most prominent and well know of the accounting disciplines, we pride ourselves in our efficiency while still maintaining accuracy of the highest standards. To this end we can perform all the tasks required of a financial accountant, the following is a summary of these tasks:

  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Annual financial statements
  • Debtors management (Invoice generation, regular follow up, analysis of outstanding debtors)

Where clients do not have access to an internal accounting function, we can provide such a service to them. Normally, this entails the processing of invoices (both debtors and creditors); reconciliation of all accounts; the provision of pay slips; the submission of all documents in accordance with government requirements; financial year-end statements; as well as any other financial service.

If an external audit is required (either because of legislation demands or simply as a preference of the client), we can provide accounting data (including statements) in such a way that the external audit function is greatly simplified. Substantial savings on the normal cost of a full audit can be realised in this manner.

We make use of Pastel Accounting as our main software package but are able to adapt quickly to any other package that may be used our help needed on.

We make use of the office suite of processing products. Thanks to the versatility of the product, we are able to (and proficient enough) to design tailor made spreadsheets which can assist in easy retrieval of necessary information.

Management Accounting / Information

Our objective is to always deliver more than the mere logging of financial transactions. To this end, we continuously try to enrich financial reporting with management information as a standard procedure. This single aspect of our business has probably contributed most to the way in which we differentiate ourselves in our target market segments.

Services offered:

  • Analysis of financial information
  • Assistance during the Budgeting process annually

Payroll and Tax functions

As you well know, the Laws that govern all employers are stringent and well maintained by the relevant authorities. For this purpose we provide comprehensive Payroll, Tax and compulsory association services. At present we make use of Pastel Payroll as our primary Payroll administration software. As this is a locally developed software package, Pastel Payroll incorporates and regularly updates legislation so as to stay abreast with changes as defined by the South African Government.

We also cater for the individual during Personal Tax Submission periods

To cater to the growing demand, we offer the following services:

  • Registration for the following (mandatory or otherwise) associations:
    • All SARS related registrations (VAT, Employees Tax, Skills Development)
    • Compensation Commision
    • Regional services where applicable
  • Printing of monthly payslips
  • Printing of annual IRP 5 certificates
  • Bi-monthly calculation and submission of VAT returns
Within our team we proudly hold the following memberships within the South African Accounting Community:
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